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Are you suffering from long term back pain? Do you suffer from frequent tension headaches?  Have you just overdone it in the gym?  If yes to any of these, then this is the perfect massage for you.  A Sports and Remedial massage can help address any chronic or recent muscular tightness or imbalance and can also help speed up recovery after injury e.g. ankle sprain.  It involves a combination of deep tissue techniques that can be a little uncomfortable, and other techniques such as muscle energy techniques (a form of stretching) and trigger point release. This treatment isn’t just for sporting people, it is really beneficial to people suffering from muscle overuse as a result of postural issues or your job (e.g. chronically stiff neck and shoulders).

The following options are based on a Sports Massage treatment in Farnham, Surrey.  To discuss booking a home visit, please contact Freya on 01252 719071.

Latest massage news - As you may know I had identical twin girls - however as a result of my pregnancy I've had ongoing issues with my back which has prevented me from returning to massage.  I'm having repeated Sports massage, McTimney chiropractic treatment and when I have time, I'm doing pilates. If you want to be notified when I'm back massaging, simply send an email to  Thank you for all your ongoing messages of support!

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