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How do you want to feel today? Destressed, uplifted, energised, relaxed? Well now you can wherever you go with the help of aromatherapy jewellery. And, you can look great at the same time!

Historically Aromatherapy has taken place in the home in the form of diffusers, massage oils, aromatherapy baths etc.  However, Aromatherapy Jewellery is the latest way to get the benefits of essential oils wherever you are.  An aromatherapy necklace or bracelet is essentially a portable, wearable diffuser which also happens to be a fashion accessory.

Our necklaces and bracelets are fashionable, fun and affordable.  Some, like the Turtle, Dragonfly and Tree of Life aromatherapy necklaces contain coloured felt discs onto which you add your drops of essential oil. And you can match the colour of disc with your outfit.

All of our necklaces are locket-style and contain discs/balls onto which you add your oils.  The oils will be slowly diffused ensuring you get the benefits of your chosen essential oil blend.  After the aroma fades simply add more drops of oil.

It is important when adding the oil to ensure that all the oil is completely absorbed as undiluted oils can cause skin irritation and also can stain clothing. 

Best essential oil blends for your aromatherapy jewellery?

You can choose any essential oils to wear however if you are interested in essential oil blends, we recommend choosing Destress Yourself if you are feeling stressed, Upifting if you want to feel uplifted, Focus and Study if you have a day of meetings, Total Relaxation if you need to introduce calm into your day and Hormone Harmoniser if you are suffering from the effects of hormones. 

Benefits of Aromatherapy Jewellery 

  • Get the benefits of your chosen essential oil blend wherever you are – controlling your mood and emotions
  • An aromatherapy necklace can help you manage stress – simply choose oils that you know help you relax the best
  • You smell great avoiding any chemicals that may be present in traditional perfume

We have aromatherapy jewellery to suit every budget.  From £5 for the beautiful lava bead bracelets.  Lava is volcanic rock and is highly permeable due to its many holes over its surface.  Some studies reveal that its known for its grounding qualities and its wonderful for calming the emotions.  Regardless, simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil blend to the Lava stone ensuring it’s all absorbed in and then wear on your wrist.