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Whether you are looking for individual essential oils or an essential oil blend, you can be reassured of the best quality with Freya Natural Therapy.  All our oils have been sourced with quality, aroma, therapeutic benefit, sustainability and price in mind.  

Freya often describes essential oils as Mother Nature's rescue remedies, and for good reason.  Essential oils are created by extracting the natural constituents from plants (the key elements that give them their distinctive colours, fragrances and healing properties) in order to produce a highly concentrated oil that captures the plant's best qualities in their purest form.  The healing properties of essential oils have been well documented over the years.  Even ancient cultures were well aware of their benefits.  Whether they are inhaled in the form of vapours from a diffuser or applied to the skin in the form of oils and lotions, essential oils can help with problems ranging from stress to clogged sinuses and aching muscles.

New to aromatherapy?:  Essential oils are 100% natural.  However most oils cannot be applied directly to the skin.  Whether you choose a 'rescue' blend or an individual essential oil - you can gain the therapeutic benefit of the oil in a number of ways:

By adding 4-6 drops …

• To your evening bath (diluted in a tablespoon of olive oil to disperse the oil)
• To an oil burner or aromatherapy diffuser
• To your pillow just before bedtime
• On your handkerchief
• To 15 ml of olive or sweet almond oil to create the perfect massage oil
• To a bowl full of near boiling water to create a steam inhalation