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If you are looking for an affective quality aromatherapy diffuser to disperse your new Freya Natural Therapy essential oil rescue blend, then look no further than this gorgeous selection of diffusers. Our diffusers are some of the most powerful and effective on the market perfect for filling your room with your favourite aromatherapy blend. 

Our range includes both ultrasonic and cold air diffusers.  Both have their benefits.  If you want to find out more about the difference between the two check out Freya's blog post. 

Our range of ultrasonic diffusers create a fine mist of essential oils and water.  They also act as mini humidifiers - a great addition to your home especially if you suffer from asthma.  All of these diffusers have different settings. You can control the mist settings by having them on continuously or intermittent mode.  You can also choose light/colour only settings if you wish to use it just for ambiance.  Plus our latest Chi ceramic aromatherapy diffuser has a breathwork function! Simply match your breath to the dimming and brightening light.  This function is perfect for those suffering from stress, or undertaking mindfulness. 

Our new Movisia diffuser is our latest cold air diffuser.  This is brilliant for scenting a large room very quickly. Plus its portable. Simply charge up from your computer, and then move it from room to room as you wish or even take it in your car for long journeys!