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During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes many changes, some of them stressful and uncomfortable and massage is a perfect way to reduce stress and promote general wellbeing. Many women suffer from aches, pains, stiffness and tension. Gentle massage can often help to relieve problems such as backache, sleeplessness, oedema, headaches and other minor complaints. Poor circulation also affects many pregnant women and massage stimulates and improves the blood flow throughout the body. Leg massage, can help relax the body, relieve pain and reduce swelling in the legs.

Latest massage news - As you may know I had identical twin girls - however as a result of my pregnancy I've had ongoing issues with my back which has prevented me from returning to massage.  I'm having repeated Sports massage, McTimney chiropractic treatment and when I have time, I'm doing pilates. If you want to be notified when I'm back massaging, simply send an email to  Thank you for all your ongoing messages of support!

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