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Massage is a holistic therapy tool which aims to relieve both physical and emotional stress and has a balancing effect which helps the natural healing mechanisms in the body.  It can have profound effects on your health. It improves circulation, hastens the removal of waste products from your system, helps with digestion, helps with breathing and relaxes muscles.

Swedish Massage is a therapeutic massage treatment which simply involves specialist techniques - smooth flowing movements, deep kneading manipulations, small friction movements, and stimulating percussion movements. It is a relaxing massage which loosens tight muscles and leaves you feeling relaxed yet uplifted.

The following options are based on a Swedish Massage treatment in Farnham, Surrey.  To discuss a home visit please call Freya on 01252 719071 or 07973 781601.

Latest massage news - As you may know I had identical twin girls - however as a result of my pregnancy I've had ongoing issues with my back which has prevented me from returning to massage.  I'm having repeated Sports massage, McTimney chiropractic treatment and when I have time, I'm doing pilates. If you want to be notified when I'm back massaging, simply send an email to  Thank you for all your ongoing messages of support!

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